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Karlos Finley of Boteler Finley & Wolfe recently secured a settlement for an auto-crash injury client in the amount of $53,000.00. That in and of itself is not out of the ordinary. However, in this particular instance, the client had come to Mr. Finley after his case had been turned down by a la...

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Medical Causation Often Overlooked in Personal Injury Claims

No matter the type of personal injury -  automobile accident claim, worker’s compensation claim, longshoreman’s claim, slip and fall claim, or product liability claim - an often overlooked legal issue is medical causation.  In any personal injury case, the burden is on the inju...

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Denied Life Insurance Benefits

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT LIFE INSURANCE CLAIMS© By: Mark Wolfe, Attorney at Law While most of us hope that a life insurance claim arising from the loss of a loved one will be a simple and hassle free process, the fact is many life insurance claims are wrongly denied. The...

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Insurance Claims: Five Tips for Giving an Effective Recorded Statement

READ THIS BEFORE YOU GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT TO AN INSURANCE ADJUSTER. The Boteler, Finley & Wolfe Insurance Guide for Recorded Statements is a four page publication that can be downloaded at no charge. It provides five tips for insurance claimants that will help you avoid common mistakes that...

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Ten Tips for Locating Life Insurance Policies

TEN TIPS FOR LOCATING LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES & BENEFITS by Mark Wolfe, Attorney at Law and Advocate for Insurance Claimants Locating Additional Policies. It’s a fact, many life insurance benefits go unclaimed because beneficiaries do not realize a policy exis...

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