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Transvaginal Mesh Settlement Announced

$830 Million Transvaginal Mesh/Bladder Sling Settlement Announced Under the terms of a recently negotiated $830 million settlement, women who have complications because of an American Medical Systems’ (AMS) transvaginal mesh device can now receive compensation for their medi...

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Stryker Hip Replacement Settlement

$1.4 BILLION DOLLAR HIP REPLACEMENT SETTLEMENT ANNOUNCED The recent settlement related to the hip replacement device manufactured by Stryker is an example of how the Mass Tort laws work to help thousands of victims recover compensation. Drug and medical device manufacturers have a duty to notify the...

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U.S. Supreme Court Ends BP’s Oil Spill Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court has ended BP’s attempt to undo the settlement it negotiated with Gulf Coast residents and businesses in 2012.  Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement originally agreed to by BP, Gulf Coast residents and businesses will have until early June, 2015 to file their claims ...

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Stryker, the manufacturer of Rejuvenate and ABG II metal hip devices, has settled class actions pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey and U.S. District Court of Minnesota. In July, 2012, the metal hip devices were pulled from the market as a result of metal corrosion and other substantial defe...

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Denied Accidental Death Life Insurance Benefits

Denied Accidental Death Life Insurance Benefits For the second time in less than two weeks, Mark Wolfe of Boteler, Finley & Wolfe has helped a local family recover accidental death life insurance benefits that were originally denied by the insurance company. In this most recent case, Mark was...

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Whittier v. Amercian Honda Motor Company Inc.

U.S. District Court, Southern District of Georgia, Brunswick Division, Case Number: 2:13 CV-0051-LGW-JEG - Products Liability - Automotive This automobile products liability case involved a defective ignition lock-out system in a 2004 Honda Pilot. The ignition lock-out system on a vehicle is...

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BP Oil Spill Settlement - Important Update

As you may have read or heard, BP is trying to contest certain aspects of the class action settlement that was approved last year. BP has also started an advertising campaign concerning “fraudulent claims.” While we can not speak to the number of alleged fraudulent claims that may have ...

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M. Al-Sheik v. Galaxy Motors, LLC, Mobile County Circuit Court Case Number: CV 2010-902312

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident/Defective Tires Facts: This legally complex case started on January 24, 2009 when Mr. Al-Sheik was seriously injured while a passenger in a single vehicle accident. The driver was test driving a car from the car lot of Galaxy Motors and Mr. Al-Sheik had agreed to...

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Estate of Rose Clark v. Hartford Life Insurance Company, Claim Number: ADD-10900 49-59141

Type of Case: Wrongful Denial of Life Insurance Benefits Facts: This claim involved the denial of accidental death benefits. Ms. Clark died from a cerebral hemorrhage ten days after she had a fall at her house. At the hospital, and before her death, medical personnel indicated to her family that the...

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F&S Marine LLC v. Indemnity Insurance Company of NA, et al., CV 2009-900715

Type of Case: Wrongful Denial of Insurance Benefits Facts: This insurance benefit case involved a significant loss claim for F&S Marine LLC (F&S) at a shipyard job site in South Carolina. F&S submitted the claim for the loss and it was denied because the insurance company claimed F&S...

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Estate of Pierce v. Monumental Life Ins Co., Claim Number 07003142

Type of Case: Wrongful Denial of Life Insurance Benefits Facts: This claim involved a denial of accidental death benefits. After Mr. Pierce was killed in a motorcycle accident, his family made a claim for accidental death benefits under a life insurance policy issued by Monumental Life Insurance Com...

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Weaver v. Garrett & Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, CV 2011-900958

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Collision & Workers Compensation Facts: Mr. Weaver was injured on the job when his work vehicle was rear-ended on December 30, 2009. He suffered a significant back injury which ultimately required surgery. The permanent physical restrictions related to the surgery pre...

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Tyler v. WillBros Group Inc., CV 08-900951 – Mobile County

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Collision Facts: Early on the morning of November 27, 2007 Mr. Tyler was on his way to work. He was traveling on St. Stephens Road when a vehicle coming the opposite direction suddenly swerved into his lane of travel striking his vehicle head-on. The vehicle that struck M...

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Holmes v. Progressive Halcyon Insurance Company, U.S. Federal District Court No.1:07-487

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Collision  Facts: On July 29, 2005 Dewana Holmes of Mobile was driving in Montgomery. As she was stopped in traffic her vehicle was rear-ended by another driver. At first, she did not think she was injured bad enough to require a trip to the emergency room. However, ...

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The Estate of Bradley Stockton, Jr. vs. R&M Transportation Inc., et al. U.S. Federal District Court No. CV 08-0663-CG-C

Type of Case: Wrongful Death-Motor Vehicle Collision Facts: On August 7, 2008 a truck driver for the Defendant failed to yield the right of way as he was attempting to make a left turn from Theodore-Dawes Road northbound into a private driveway. Bradley G. Stockton, Jr. was traveling southbound on T...

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