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Slip & Fall Or Trip & Fall Claims

Falling or tripping while on someone else’s property can cause serious injuries. Property owner’s have a duty under the law to insure their property is safe from dangerous conditions for those that are invited onto the premises. Failure to maintain the property in a safe condition can make a property owner liable for the personal injuries caused by the unsafe condition. However, Alabama premise liability law is complex and the degree of care owed by the property owner to others on the property varies depending on the situation. In addition, Alabama law provides several defenses to property owners against negligence claims. At BR&W our attorneys understand these legal issues and know how to make sure a victim’s claim status is favorably documented and what facts need to be documented to avoid or minimize these defenses.

An free consultation with one of our attorneys can help identify the specific legal issues related to a slip and fall injury claim and a plan to address any legal issues or barriers to compensation.

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