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Defective Product Claims

Every year thousands of people are killed or maimed by a defective or unsafe product or machine. At BR&W our attorneys have successfully prosecuted a number of defective product cases including a defective ignition lock-out on a SUV, a defective tire on a heavy duty truck, a defective roll-over protection design on a SUV, a defective HVAC unit in a local hotel, a defective tire on a family sedan, a defective safety lock-out switch on an industrial chipper and a defective household lighting appliance. One of the most critical aspects of a defective product claim is securing the alleged defective product for examination and inspection as soon as possible after the injury. Once the product is lost or altered, it may become impossible to prove the claim. Talking with one of BR&W’s experienced attorneys as soon as possible can help make sure all relevant evidence is identified and preserved.

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