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Maritime Injury Claims

Admiralty or maritime law is one of the world’s oldest bodies of law. The framers of the United States Constitution included in Article III, the judiciary article, a clause extending the judicial power of the federal sovereign to “all Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction.” As a result of this power, federal admiralty law has a great impact upon private American law in worker injury claims. If a worker qualifies as a “seaman,” he /she may seek traditional tort claims damages against his/her negligent employer through the Jones Act. Additionally, a seaman may pursue a claim for maintenance and cure, which provides medical treatment, together with living expenses while undergoing treatment. Employees who do not qualify as a “seaman” may be “maritime workers” entitled to benefits provided by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWC), a traditional maritime worker’s compensation scheme.

At Boteler, Richardson & Wolfe, our attorneys understand the complex legal issues related to maritime injuries. At a free consultation with one of our attorneys, we can help identify the specific legal issues related to your admiralty injury claim and determine the compensation you deserve.

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