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This resource center is primarily designed to assist victims of motor vehicle accidents within the State of Alabama. Some of the links and information provided may be of assistance to victims in other states.
The legal issues related to motor vehicle accidents, as well as insurance coverage issues, can vary between states. The information provided is without charge and is not intended to be legal advice on a particular claim or case. Consumers should consult with an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney for specific questions or concerns about a claim or case. If you need assistance in locating an attorney in Alabama or another state, please visit the Find an Attorney page of this site. Consumers may also want to review “What I Should Know About Hiring an Attorney” before consulting with an attorney about a claim or case.

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What should I do after the accident?

What should I do about a defective product?

What should I know about hiring an attorney?

What should I know about insurance claims?

FAQ’s re Ala Department of Public Safety SR-13 Form


A Defective Product

An Accident Involving a Commercial Vehicle

An Accident Involving a Drunk or Impaired Driver

Injuries and Treatment

Insurance Claims and Coverage

Laws and Regulations

Property Damage

Traffic Information and Conditions

Litigation Procedures and Facts


Finding an Attorney